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Pro bono case files- the Brightwell Charitable Trust

In 1982 Mermaid Beach Rotarian Mr Les Brightwell passed away leaving his home in his Will. His wife Mrs Pauline Brightwell was given a life interest in that home, with it to be sold upon her passing. The proceeds of that sale were to form the charitable ‘Brightwell Trust’ with the Rotary Club of Mermaid Beach to act as Trustees.

In January this year, our firm was approached by this Rotary Club seeking guidance now that the house was to be sold some 40 years later. We are proud to have offered pro bono assistance with the sale of this home and setting up the Trust. This Trust will see almost $1.8m invested; the income of which will be expended for the benefit of Gold Coasters with physical disabilities for many years to come.

This engagement sparked an important relationship between our firm and the Rotary Club, who were seeking younger membership to ensure the future of the Trust. Our younger staff were quick to put their hands up, and on the third Thursday of July the Young Mermaid Club (a satellite to the Rotary Club of Mermaid Beach) held its inaugural meeting in our firm’s boardroom, where the Club’s banner now hangs proudly.

Since 1951 Collas Moro Ross have been proud to support our community and act as the honorary solicitors for numerous clubs. To learn more about the Brightwell Trust or other charitable causes we support, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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