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Our Queensland Law Society property law accredited specialist lawyers can provide you with expert advice on the complex area of property law.

We can assist you in relation to: 

All conveyancing including residential, commercial and industrial property and “off the plan” developments
Property developments of all sizes, from acquisition of land to completion and final sale settlement
All subdivisions including small land subdivisions to large staged development high-rise complexes and retail shopping complexes
Drafting of, and advice on, contracts, heads of agreement and leases
Environment planning issues
Land resumptions
Bodies Corporate
Management rights and building management
Dealing with local and government authorities
Litigation and dispute resolution


Collas Moro Ross’ accredited property law specialists can assist you in navigating the complexities of property law. Our lawyers can also provide expert advice on the rights and obligations of land holders under relevant legislation including:

Property Law Act
Land Title Act
Planning Act (formerly Sustainable Planning Act)
Local Government Act
Retail Shop Leases Act
Body Corporate and Community Management Act
Building Units and Group Titles Act


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